Go East, Young Drinker

Ironically, the new watering hole with the most hard-core Asian influence in the city is owned by a Venezuelan....

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Moutai – Plate by Plate LA 2015

Source: PSTV Plate by Plate is Project by Project’s signature annual tasting benefit featuring star chefs, top rated restaurants,...

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Cocktail Class at Huckleberry featuring HKB Baijiu

Huckleberry Bar is pleased to host a cocktail making class featuring HKB Baijiu on Thursday, September 3. Learn more.

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Baijiu Gaining Global Recognition

Derek Sandha from the United States was dressed in a formal suit on Thursday morning in a hall so...

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This Chinese Spirit has Closed Millions of Business Deals

Baijiu is a Chinese alcoholic beverage that is made from grains which can be translated to “rice wine.” It...

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Baijiu Cocktails

Baijiu is by far the largest spirit category in the world – 13 times larger than vodka, to give...

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China’s National Spirit is Like Nothing You Know

Today, August 8th, is World Baijiu Day. Huh? Baijiu (pronounced bye-joe) has been consumed in China for ages –...

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Lightbulbs at a bar

Drinks on Me: World Baijiu Day

What is this?? My sentiments exactly when I got wind of Baijiu.  Never heard of it but I am...

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Baijiu on the bar

The Baijiu Riddle: Learning to Love China’s Infamous Firewater

I was slumped against the neon sign of a dive bar in Bushwick, chain-smoking and hazy from cheap beer,...

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Ant-man Cocktail

Ant-Man rolls into theaters July 17th expanding—or rather, contracting—the Marvel Cinematic Universe to microscopic proportions. And we thought, what better way...

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Tasting the Kapow Factor of Baijiu

There’s a few flushed faces in the room as China’s national firewater is downed in tiny gulps. It has...

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Signature Cocktail Sesame Colada Made With Baijiu

This month’s cocktail features a spirit you’ve probably never had. Baijiu (pronounced bye-jo) comes from China and has a...

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