The World’s Most Valued Spirit Is One You (Probably) Haven’t Heard Of

Brand Finance released its annual report on the most valuable beer and spirit brands, and for the first time,...

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Chinese Baijiu overtakes whisky as most valuable spirit

Baijiu, the fiery Chinese alcoholic drink, has overtaken Whisky to become the world’s most valuable spirit, according to Brand...

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Unlike tequila or vodka, baijiu (白酒 báijiǔ), which literally means “clear liquor,” has yet to become popular in the...

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The Future of Southern Drinking

Some think that historiography is a science more or less like ballistics; that the careful plotting of where a...

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How to drink baijiu: Beijing’s pros share their tips

It’s the most widely drunk hard liquor in the world but it’s rarely found on cocktail menus. Baijiu, distilled...

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Moutai Sensorium Event

On December 7th, 2016, Kweichow Moutai hosted a private banquet for 50 VIP guests from various industries in Los...

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Is the Baijiu Hype Really All That?

As spirits go, baijiu (BYE-joe), which is Chinese for “white spirit,” must suffer from a serious inferiority complex in...

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History in a Bottle: The Story of Moutai

In China, there is an alcohol that’s been credited with improving international relations and uniting opposing empires. Described as...

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HKB Bottle next to Moutai Bottle

Five Eye-Opening Examples of the World’s Most Popular Unknown Spirit

The most-consumed spirit in the world—one that represents 35 percent of total global consumption—is a high-proof potable that few...

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Baijiu Regains Its Investment Palate

Baijiu, the country’s home-grown firewater, accounts for more than a third of all spirits volumes drunk globally and more...

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1,000-Year-Old Chinese Liquor Wants to Be the New Tequila

The fiery Chinese grain liquor called baijiu has been distilled and quaffed in the homeland pretty much the same...

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Decanter wine reviews: Chateau Changyu Moser XV

Austrian winemaker Lenz Moser has been working with his Chinese colleague to create a range of wines worthy of...

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