Beijing Ergoutou is one of the most popular drinks among the young Chinese, especially in Northern China in its city of origin, Beijing. Beijing is China’s ancient capital of five dynasties. Ergoutou, as the typical representative of the capital’s baijiu culture, it is very commonly seen on dining tables of the young and the hip as well as foreign visitors in China.

Around the year 1680, many liquor makers came to Beijing, among them, three brothers with the surname Zhao created a special method to improve the quality of the liquor, which divided the distilled liquor in three parts. The initial part was too strong to drink, and the final part removes of impurities, so taking away the head and the end, leaving only the liquor in the middle which tastes the best. The name “Er Guo Tou” means “second distillation” (literally, head of the second pot), which indicates its level of purity.


ALCOHOL: 56% By Vol.

SIZES: 750ml


INGREDIENTS: Water, Sorghum

Beijing Ergoutou’s personnel is formed by the former executive and production team from the famed Red Star Distillery in Beijing. Beijing Ergoutou’s mission is to overcome limitations the team had experienced when working at Red Star and produce products with superior all around quality as well as pure and rich flavors.

  • Naturally cultivated Sorghum
  • Naturally produced distiller’s yeast
  • High quality glass material to ensure purity of the liquid