Founded in 1952, the Kumesen Syuzo Distilling Co began distilling spirits made from Long Grain Indica Rice and fermented with native Black Koji. By 1989 Kumesen began to finish their product in Bourbon casks and Kujira was born. Now after 20 years of aging, Kujira Single Grain Rice Whisky has been perfected. Where others supplement grain whisky to    increase production, Kujira Single Grain 20 Year is 100% Japanese with Rice from a single distillery, produced in small batches with the same ingredients and centuries old tradition that make Okinawa special.

Origin: Okinawa, Ryukyu Prefecture

Mash: 100% Indica Rice

Eye: Caramel Copper, Medium-Bodied

Nose: Herbs, Plums, Prune, Mint Candy Tongue: Vanilla, Licorice, Baking Spices, Japanese Pepper

ABV 43% (86PF) Size 750ML


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