In 1989, the whisky makers of Masahiro Shuzo were trusted with the honor to create the finest Whisky the people of Okinawa had to offer.  Masahiro, the most prized distillery of the island was chosen for its dedication to its craft since 1883.  Only a handful of casks were chosen.  Select barrels of Ex-Bourbon, Sherry cask, and Virgin White Oak were filled with only the highest quality spirits and laid to rest.  A liquid time capsule untouched for thirty years.  Then in 2019 like plucking a ripened fruit, the Master Distiller knew it was time for the world to taste Kujira.  We proudly present to you, Kujira 30 Year Single Grain Ryukyu Whisky.  A delicate balance of powerful smokiness and soft sweetness that perfectly exemplifies the spirit of the Okinawan people.

Origin: Okinawa, Masahiro Shuzo, Japan

Source: 100% Japanese Indica Rice, Black Koji

Eye: Burnt-Umber Colored, Full-Bodied

Nose: Nectar, Caramel, Burnished Woodsmoke

Tongue: Citrus Fruit, Caramel Pudding, Dried Persimmons, Ripe Berries, and pucker of Chinese Herbs

ABV 43% (86 PF) Size 750ml



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